Photo. Visitors at the opening of the exhibition, 'Drawings by Refugee Children,' August 29, 1953
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After the Escape. How We Want to Live

After the Escape. How We Want to Live

After the Escape. How We Want to Live

More and more people are worldwide on the run. They seek shelter from political pursuit, war, discrimination, natural disasters and poverty. In 2015 and 2016 Germany has taken up over a million refugees. Here they are for the time being in security. However, how does it go on for them? The exhibition informs about the German refugee policy and admission practise and points under which juridical, political and social conditions refugees live currently.

In the center of the exhibition stand people who have come as refugees to Germany. During film interviews an Iranian as well as families from Afghanistan, Syria and Chechnya report shortly after their arrival in 2012 about leaving their native country and about their hopes for the future. In 2016 we meet them once again and find out how they have mastered the challenges of their new life up to now. Do they feel accepted in the new country? Which new possibilities have been established for them and are there limiting factors for them?

Impressions of the exhibition opening on 13 06 2017
Photos: Gesa Simons

Outgoing from the stories of the refugees the exhibition steers the look at the admission society: How do politics, media and population react to the immigration? The exhibition reflects the controversial debates between admission and repulse, discrimination and integration. It picks out as a central theme different draughts of affiliation and questions the contact with figures and language. In interactive stations the guests can reflect own images and settings.

In the "desirable worlds" all guests are invited to express their visions of living together. They can create with different materials there a place which fulfils all conditions to live well together.

Duration: 14 June 2017 - 28 Juli 2019, Admission is free.

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In cooperation with the International Coalition, funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb and the country Berlin, supported by the Association Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum