Photo. Visitors at the opening of the exhibition, 'Drawings by Refugee Children,' August 29, 1953
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"Ich war nier einer von Euch!" Der Künstler Rainer Bonar zwischen Ost und West

"Ich war nier einer von Euch!" Der Künstler Rainer Bonar zwischen Ost und West
"I never was one of You!" The artist Rainer bonar between east and west

Portrait Rainer Bonar
„I never was one of You!“ the painter, graphic artist and photographer Rainer Bonar held out in 1989 to the members of the artist's association of the GDR – a sentence which stands paradigmatic for his life and creating. Born in 1956 in East Berlin as Rainer Lietzke, he had to recognise early that an artistic advancement was not possible in the GDR for him. The restrictive cultural politics of the SED and the dictation of the „socialist realism“ allowed no space for modern forms of expression and society criticism.

After he had taken care in a triptych "shooting order" explicitly of the dead people on the internal border, he was arrested in 1973 the first time. Not admitted to the study of painting and in 1976 because of "Politisch-ideologischer Diversion" dismissed from the national national army, he fought for an exit permit. In 1981 the Übersiedlung occurred to Berlin - West.

The Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum presents for the first time a bigger choice of the works of this non-conformist. Three subject complexes of his works are introduced: 1. As many of his artist's colleagues he also felt the motive of the freely and high to the sun striving Ikarus and then fatally falling as a suitable, multi-layered comment to time.
Over and over again Bonar has taken up the Ikarus motive and has connected with his artistic development to an abstract, pictogramme-like use of forms. 2. Besides figures of the Greek mythology fascinated him like Thanatos, Kratos and Bia whom the dark sides of the existence, death, power and power embody. 3. Already in the east as well as in Berlin - West Bonar dealt with the city. For his topographic-aesthetic investigations he used beside the painting the means of the graphics, photograph and film. Besides, these are above all the social border situations and peripheral locations which interested him. The exhibition in the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum offers beside the works insights into the biography of voucher are as well as voices of friends and road companions who enable to get to know this unusual unknown artist between east and west closer.