Photo. Visitors at the opening of the exhibition, 'Drawings by Refugee Children,' August 29, 1953
&copy Landesarchiv Berlin - Willy Kiel

Jeder Mensch ein Denkmal - Jedes Leben bedenkenswert

Everybody is a heritage - Every life is remarkable

Jeder Mensch ein Denkmal - Jedes Leben bedenkenswert

Within the scope of the school program of the endowment for the conservation of monuments and historic buildings "denkmal aktiv – Kulturerbe macht Schule" students of the 6th grade at the Gustav Heinemann school have dealt with the subjects flight and migration. The results of their work are shown in a special exhibition in the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum.

How do people feel who have fled from their native country? What is their new beginning in Germany like? The boys and girls of the 6th grade at the Gustav Heinemann school were looking for answers to questions like these. They have investigated personal destinies, concerned themselves with the political situation in divided Germany and have conducted interviews with family members, friends and teachers. The results of their interviews are shown as well as a book with reports of people who were refugees when they were children, illustrated by the students themselves. There is also a map of the world in the special exhibition on which they have marked crisis and disaster areas where people are still fleeing from today. An audiostation with poems about flight and migration is also present.

It is a colorful, diverse exhibition which lights up the subjects flight and migration from the viewpoint of children. Their view is complemented with 16 caricatures from the collection of the UNO Flüchtlingshilfe. Stereotypes and prejudices towards refugees are emphasised.