Photo. Refugees waiting to be admitted to the Marienfelde Refugee Center, August 14, 1961
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October 2012

Menu for the week of October 16-22, 1977
(ENM 002056)

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This weekly menu comes from a collection of 608 menus covering the years 1971-1989. It includes the warm and cold meals for the week, the colors of the meal vouchers to be used on each day, and special rules for children and youths.

From 1960 on, refugees in Marienfelde had, thanks to a regulation passed by the Senator for Work and Social Issues (SenArbSoz), a right to housing and food. Refugees could partake of meals in Marienfelde's cafeteria for free and, by using various meal vouchers, could also receive additional cold rations.

Small children were allowed to eat as much as they could and received additional milk and fruit. Coffee, on the other hand, was only available to adults and youths over the age of 14. Only rarely were vegetarian meals available. There were generally hearty meals with meat, vegetables, and potatoes. Fish was always served on Fridays.

The district kitchen in Neukölln delivered food to the refugee center for 31 years, until they ceased that work in 1982. Providing all the meals for the refugees was too expensive and there had been too many complaints about the food in the community kitchens. Starting in 1985, each refugee received 15 DM per day to feed him- or herself.